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School Improvement Q&A with EES for Schools

In the run up to The Academies Show on April 26th 2017, we are asking a number of our speakers and sponsors for their thoughts and opinions on the academies and wider education sector, and what the future may hold for those in teaching, and other education roles.

Hear from EES for Schools, who will be delivering a session on the characteristics of high-performing schools:

What are the main challenges and opportunities for creating a school-led improvement system?

The main challenges are:

Schools having a detailed understanding of their specific circumstances, not only from a leadership perspective but also from that of other stakeholders such as pupils,  parents staff and governors.

Schools then having a clear set of priorities to work on, and ensuring that their work is focussed on making the biggest difference on children’s learning.

All this in a climate of soaring expectations, financial fear and future insecurity.

The Government is due to release its proposals for reforming the school system. What do you hope/ expect for these proposals?

  • Sensible expectations which mean children can get a balanced curriculum not just focussing on Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • Less pressure for performance at end of Key Stage
  • Clear expectations and some certainty.
  • Time and money to implement effectively

What do you think the sector will look like in 5 years’ time?

More children, less money, more MATs.

Hopefully, less pressure, teaching and learning more fun, children developing more fruitfully for their future.

Finally, what is the one message that you would want visitors to take away with them from the Academies Show London 2017?

Don’t get distracted by all the noise, remember you are doing what you do to make a difference to children’s lives.  And you are good at doing it.

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