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NUT and ATL to merge into NEU

Two of the UK’s largest teaching unions are joining forces to create the biggest teachers’ union in Europe.

NUT and ATL are to merge to become The NEU – The National Education Union – on September 1 2017.

Kevin Courtney, NUT general secretary and Mary Bousted, ATL general secretary, will share the role under the merger until July 2023, when a new member will take over, subject to a vote.

Members of both existing unions were consulted on the merger, and we given the opportunity to vote on the plan, with nearly 100,000 members participating in the ballot. 68,000 NUT members voted, with 97 per cent in favour of the combined union, and three quarters of the ATL members who took part shared the same view.

The merger will mean The NEU will be the fourth largest union in the UK – education based or otherwise – with membership numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

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