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ParentMail is the UK's best parental engagement system trusted by over 6000 schools and 4.5 million parents . A multi-application platform including email and text, online form collection, online payments, parents evening bookings and a free App for parents. The strategic choice for academies in the UK.

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A partnership with ParentMail delivers first class parental engagement!

Kesgrave High School has over 1,800 students, collects on average £15,000 online weekly, sends out over 700,000 emails home and has 99% of parents registered on ParentMail receiving a 97% response rate to their first online form! ParentMail has successfully created a partnership when it comes down to parental engagement.

Julie Garnett, PA to the Headteacher at Kesgrave High School explains, “the majority of parents use our branded mobile app, which means messages are sent home as free in-app notifications, popping up to alert parents of important school communications. As a result, we have saved on text credits as we are no longer sending any SMS and instead send all our communications through email which arrive in one single, school branded feed rather than a busy email inbox, improving our parental engagement as a result!”

Parents’ Evening Manager allows parents to be alerted instantly so that they can schedule in parents evening into their calendars well in advance as well as making it easier for parents to speak to teachers at a time that works for them. The most recent parents evening at Kesgrave High School saw 85% of bookings made through ParentMail receiving lots of positive feedback from teachers. Previously students would allocate meeting times with their teachers prior to parents evening often avoiding the teachers they didn’t wish to see, however with the technology of Parents’ Evening Manager, the parents can decide which teachers they desire to talk to.

For more information please contact Luke Shepperson on 01733 595959 or via his email [email protected]


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