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Community Playthings

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Since 1947 Community Playthings has designed and manufactured innovative, durable, wooden furniture and play equipment, drawing on expertise from childcare professionals across the UK. Our products inspire play, support all aspects of child development and survive generations of wear and tear by active children.

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Children deserve the best!

The Salehurst Primary School reception classroom was in need of improvement. Teachers from Salehurst Primary School worked with Community Plaything’s room layout team and came up with a new furniture plan.

Andrew McGregor, Head teacher at Salehurst Primary School stated that: “It was great to work with Community Playthings. They designed the classroom from the very beginning and the children’s learning has really been enhanced by our partnership with them.”

Community Playthings can increase your ability to attract and retain highly qualified staff, improve enrolment, and may raise your Ofsted rating.

For more information contact Welton Clements on 0800 387 457 or via his email [email protected]


Promotional documents

  • Children Deserve the Best Brochure
  • Outlast Activity Guide
  • The Irresistible Classroom
  • Hands-on investigation, play, outdoor learning in primary education

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What a difference!

Transformed over the work of a weekend, envisage how Salehurst Church of England Primary School’s reception classroom enlightened its pupils with a new working environment. Hear from the staff of the difference it makes.

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