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Everyone in Your School Could Be a Maths Genius

Maths ‘genius’ is misunderstood.

When most of us think of genius, we think of a pre-determined minority of people who have achieved true mastery. A chosen few.

In reality, there is nothing pre-determined about it. Every one of us has mathematical genius within us: most of us just don’t know it yet.

That’s because genius is fragile. Even in perfect circumstances, genius is difficult to care for. In today’s classrooms, under the pressures of modern teaching, it can feel impossible.

Facing a class of 30 students, all with their own individual needs and pace of learning, teachers often struggle to ensure that their students enjoy and succeed in maths, let alone achieve the heights of genius.

That’s where technology comes in. At Whizz Education, we work to empower schools through intelligent virtual tutoring. Our online service, Maths-Whizz, enables teachers to understand, to monitor and to teach for the unique learning needs of each child in their class.

In my session at The Academies Show, I’ll explore the nature of maths genius and show you your inner mathematician. Using research from Whizz Education, I’ll also share insights into the real scale of the challenge facing schools in maths, and what we can do about it.

The session will leave you with concrete, useful ways to raise standards in maths at your school. I believe that passion, creativity and success in maths – even true genius – really come down to something very basic: having the right foundations. That’s something we can all aspire to, and something every school can build for its students.

To find out more about Junaid’s work and writing, follow him on Twitter @fjmubeen

Junaid will be at the Academies Show as part of the Whizz Education team: meet him at the Maths-Whizz Stand.

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