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Developing the maturing MAT Landscape

The Academies Show London on April 26th 2017 will host a brand new Multi-Academy Trust Summit in association with FASNA, where developments, challenges and successes within the sector will be discussed and debated with a number of education experts and in insightful Q&A sessions.

At The Academies Show Birmingham in November 2016, Sir David Carter, National Schools Commissioner for the Department for Education, led a presentation on MAT growth and maturation, and the changes that will occur to these trusts over the next five years.


Whether it is a maintained school converting to academy status at the request of its governors, or a new academy forming in an area with a shortage of classroom places, these schools are likely to rely on the support and partnership of others in the area, and new MATS will form and develop across the country to meet this demand. New ideas, techniques and strategies for running these trusts will be borne out of this expansion, and can be applied to existing MATs in England.

Existing MATS that will want to grow

Over the coming years, it is predicted that large numbers of existing MATs will expand and increase their regional or national reach in order to encompass struggling maintained schools that are converting, and established academies looking for the support of a successful umbrella trust.

Mentor MATS

In order to support new and exisiting collaborations, experienced & strong MATs are likely to take a mentoring role with an emerging trust for two to three years to offer guidance, experience and business advice. This maturation, says Sir David Carter, will also involve MATs supporting maintained schools and maintained schools supporting MATS, to enable growth, development and increased attainment across the entire educations sector.

MAT Mergers

Small MATS with little scope or resources to grow can merge with larger, or more sustainable trusts, to build an umbrella built on the increased stability of a merger. Small MATS who need more improvement capacity may also join into a partnership in order to capitalise on a benefit from the strength of a stronger, more successful trust.

MAT partnership agreements

Academies can look to associations for specific support or for general advice on developing and maturing their MAT. The School Library Association (SLA) can be utilised to offer guidance to all schools, or a memorandum of understanding (MOU), for example, can facilitate a partnership agreement between a MAT and a business or organisation with particular services or aims.


To hear more about the ways multi-academy trusts can work together to develop and evolve, register for a free pass for The Academies Show on April 26th 2017 here.

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