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Crown Sports Lockers – is your school ready for the new £1?

The new £1 coin becomes legal currency in March 2017 as 1.5 billion of them flow into the economy from the Royal Mint.

Its uniquely characteristic 12-sided profile is designed to present a robust deterrent against the counterfeiting that has beset the current coin, aided by innovative features such as a hologram embedded in the coin.

HM Treasury is in no doubt, stating that the new currency is “the most secure of its kind in the world”. Time will tell but meanwhile the clock is ticking.

From 15 October 2017, the current £1 coin will cease to be legal tender so now is the time to prepare for the change to ensure a trouble-free transition for those using coin-operated lockers.

Recent months have seen gathering momentum about the launch of the new coin, reports Shaun Powell, General Sales Manager (Industrial Locking) for Abloy UK, leading specialists on high-quality door locking and functionality.

However, “Some are still totally unaware of the need to switch locking mechanisms to take the 12-sided coin”, he adds. “Many colleges and universities for example, open their doors to the general public in the evening and coin-operated lockers are commonly in use.

“Golf clubs also provide coin-operated lockers for visiting players attending on society days for example. “We are receiving plenty of interest from clubs,” Shaun explains, “probably because they appreciate how important society days and other events are to their livelihood.”

Whether sites choose to convert existing lockers to take the new coin, or plump for brand new locks designed for the 12-sided currency depends on how the costs stack up.




Conversion kits may work out cheaper to buy but then sites must factor in the added outlay of fitting them – and if hundreds of lockers have to be converted, that could be a deal-breaker.

Crown Sports Lockers can fit a classic coin lock that takes both old and new £1 coins and that can be converted easily from coin return to coin retain. We can quickly replace or convert your existing coin locks with left or right hand operations as required or supply conversion kits to make the change in house.

Alternatively, the low-cost e-Lite coin lock also operates with old and new versions, is corrosion resistant and so suited to wet or dry changing areas. This coin return-only option also comes in left and right hand versions.

As long as coin-operation still figures in customer service and management strategies, Crown will carry the know-how necessary to ensure owners and operators never risk locking out valuable revenue.


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