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Conversion to academy status is an important decision. With the Government continuing to drive the academies agenda as part of the strategy to improve standards and raise attainment for everyone, The Academies Show will navigate you through the conversion process. The Show has tailored content to guide you along the process and understand the legal, financial and operational implications as well as avoiding some of the pitfalls. Learn how to develop your road-map for joining or forming a MAT and understand the pros and cons of different models for an efficient transition. With responsibility for the future of your school, establish how to retain your school’s identity and what to look for in potential MAT partnerships. By attending, you will have the opportunity to draw on experiences and insight from academy principals, heads and trustees from both primary and secondary settings who have successfully completed the conversion process.

Ensure you are clear on each stage of the journey and best positioned to manage the conversion process covering the following points:

  • Identifying the right MAT
  • Robust financial management during the conversion process
  • Retain and attract high quality staff
  • Funding options available
  • Achieve funding agreements
  • Adapt your recruitment, HR, finance and legal strategies
  • Retaining identity
  • Utilise assets to maximise the value of property and land
  • Taking advantage of economies of scale

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