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Visitors to the show receive complimentary access to over 40 hours of tailored content across 11 theatres. Click on the links below to learn more about each of the theatres or select “read full agenda”.

All sessions are CPD accredited, click here for more information

Agenda Content Areas

Main Stage

The Main Stage hosts a series of presentations and discussions from leaders in education, including CEOs of some of the most successful Trusts, representatives of the Department for Education, leading teaching unions and OFSTED. Central themes include teacher training reform, opportunities in income generation, the Government’s social mobility action plan and more. Sir David Carter, National Schools Commissioner, will present a keynote address outlining the strategic challenges facing MATs over the next three years.

MAT Summit

A must attend for all school leaders working in, or joining a MAT, as well as offering guidance for schools looking to become an Academy. The programme is produced in association with FASNA, and offers practical advice and guidance on a range of areas including how to grow a MAT and manage economies of scale, shared services and show to ensure financial stability, managing a school budget effectively. The impact of effective Governance sessions will be of interest to all schools regardless of school system

Three Learning Theatres

There are 3 dedicated Learning Theatres at the show. Each provides relevant policy updates and best practice case studies. Key themes include governance, building and funding sustainable buildings, visions for the future of apprenticeships, assessments, and much more. Improving pupil outcomes (as well as saving time) through structural reform, and the management of school budgets to deliver results are threads that run through the streams.

The Hot Seat

A new and very popular addition to the show, the Hot Seat is the site of heated debate at the heart of the exhibition. Chaired by the TES, we are really pleased that senior representatives from OFSTED, education associations, and school leaders will debate a series of hot topics, such as “Are GCSEs and A levels too hard?”, “Do schools really need more money?” and “Are Government reforms driving the mental health crisis?”. With Q&A following the sessions, it’s a great chance to have your say too.

The Recruitment & Skills Open Theatre

The shortage of teachers is unlikely to be solved any time soon. There are some simple and not-so simple ways in which schools can actively seek to address this locally. Leading recruitment provider Eteach, the NGA, the Institute for Teaching, and Academy Ambassadors will be in this theatre to provide you with advice on how to build a board, retain and support quality teachers, as well as enhance your leadership and succession planning in schools.

Business, Finance & Benchmarking Open Theatre

Finance and funding is the number one concern across the education sector. PS Financials, ASCL, NGA, ISBL and Prudential will provide you with guidance, support and best practice. Topics include teacher pensions, how to use integrated HR and budget systems to aid financial planning, income generation, how to secure grants, and ensuring the future viability of your school.

SEND Open Theatre

The SEND theatre tackles an essential area for all schools. You will find practical tools to aid assessments, and to demonstrate excellence and outstanding management of SEND, plus an essential guide on how to make best use of teaching assistants. Nasen presents a National SEND update, and sessions include a response to the Final Report of the Rochford Review. Key speakers include Natalie Packer, author of The Perfect SENco.

Technology & Learning Open Theatre

GDPR compliance is one of the hot topics for all schools. The DfE will explain the implications for schools and help ensure you are covered. Other sessions include the 21st Century classroom, safeguarding in schools, learning technology as part of a Shared Digital Future and the big 5 edtech procurement challenges facing schools.

School Buildings Open Theatre

Both a cost and an asset to schools, sessions from the RIBA, ESFA, NSN, Essex County Council and more look at solutions to the school place challenge, creating better spaces for learning, capital funding and the school buildings policy – including advice on how to bid for CIF funding, as well as an update on the CDC programme.

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